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Offset Printing  
Heck's offers offset, sheetfed printing. This means that your layout is lasered into a special metal plate - one plate for each color.
These plates are then mounted to a round cylinder on a commercial press. As the cylinder turns, ink is deposited on the plate where it sticks to the lasered parts. As the cylinder turns - the inked plate comes into contact with another cylinder - this one covered with a rubber mat (called a "blanket") and the ink offsets onto it. This is why it is called "offset" printing. The rubber blanket cylinder then comes in contact with the paper going through the press... and your layout is printed onto the paper!
The press runs quite quickly and must be watched carefully to assure Hecks quality.
Hecks has one, two and four color presses. The four color press prints "CMYK" - Cyan (C, aka blue), Magenta (M, aka pink), Yellow (Y) and Black (K). Images in full color such as photographs can be printed with a combination of only these four colors.
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