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Hecks began as a mail house - so we know how it's done and have been doing it right for over 70 years. There are many options available to you when mailing, and one of our salespersons would be glad to discuss the best way to get your word out. Pre-sorted mail is a great way to save money on postage.
What are you mailing? Letter, postcard, self-mailer, etc...
Do you need it printed?  Hecks would be glad to give you a printing quote, too!
What size?
What is the quantity? Do you have a list? If you don't have a list and don't know a quantity, we can purchase a list for you based on what demographics and area you give us - and we can give you counts for free
How do you want it mailed? First-Class Mail is more expensive, but you get back returns and it's traditionally faster. Standard Bulk Mail is much more economically priced and is the most common choice. Saturation Mail is even a better rate and you flood an entire area - but you have to print more pieces.
Processing - NCOA, Remove duplicate addresses? Pre-sorted mail lists need be run through the USPS's National Change of Address system. We can also lean-up your mail list by removing duplicated addresses so that one address (or even one contact name) only gets one piece.
Rejected addresses - What do you want done with them? If you have furnished hecks a list, there are always address that the USPS program we use to process the mail list say are "not valid, not mailable". We can just mail the "good" addresses and ignore this list, email this list back to you so that you can correct your database for future mailings, or you can choose to have Hecks provide you with a quote to mail these anyway at the regular first-class stamp rate.
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