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File Preparation
If you are doing the layout yourself, or are sending Hecks Design Department images to use in your layout, there are a few things to keep in mind...
Resolution - The image resolution must be 300dpi to print well. If you are taking pictures, set the print quality on high. Images taken off webpages are 72dpi - they will not print well and will be blurry. Opening the picture in a program and increasing the dpi will also not work - you can't add detail to a picture if it is not there to begin with.
Color Mode - If you are doing the print-ready layout and you are not printing all one color or in CMYK full color - then you have to have your color mode set to CMYK and you need to use spot colors. If you don't know how to do this, Hecks can convert it for a small fee.
Bleeds - If your image is to print off the edge of the paper, your layout needs to "bleed" or include an additional area of copy - .0125" to be exact. Hecks Bindery Dept is good - but they need that 1/8 of an inch to trim your layout down to the final size and keep the color to the edge.
Fonts - If providing Hecks a print-ready file, please convert fonts to curves or paths and send your file to us in the standard Adobe ".pdf" format. If you can't send a .pdf file, just confirm with the salesperson what program you have and be sure to include and fonts and linked pictures.
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